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  • Hi, I'm Sardaana, I was born in Yakutia, Siberia. Studied Russian literature. Quit. Got a seamstress degree. In 2008, I explored Flickr and found back to sewing again. Now I quilt, knit, embroider, crochet, carve stamps, make jewelleries.

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Sunday, 09 May 2010


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What beautiful fabric...and how I Love polka dots!!!!! What projects have I finished: a quilt that will be raffled off for my nephews 9 month old little girl who is going to need a liver transplant, I embroidered 40 t-shirts with a custom logo for our family reunion, chalk placemats for a friend, almost finished a quilt that I took a class on 8 months ago, plus lots of little projects. Which bundle would I like to win how could you choose, they are beautiful!

Happy 40th Birthday and Congratulations :)

I didn't knew you were selling fabrics! I saw them @ flickr but thought you bought them your your use. It's good to know ;)

I'd go to the blue bundle, or maybe the pink one. It's hard to choose :)

Latelly I've been sewing wallets, wallets and some more wallets, to take to a fair I'll be participating next weekend. I really like making this wallets, but what I like the most is sewing softies. I really like to see the final product.

Thank you for the chance of winning these beauties.
Have a nice day!!

Hugs from Portugal

Happy birthday and congratulations on your tax number. I'd love to win the blue bundle! I haven't finished anything lately but I'm in the process of finishing up a quilt--my first attempt at hand quilting. I like to sew quilts and purses but am trying to get into sewing clothing these days.

Hi Sardana,
I did not know you had a blog!
Happy Birthday! And Congratulations for your 100th post!
My latest projects were sewing tops for me. I made 4 tops in April, and entered a contest (at MadebyRae) and I have even been selected as a finalist! Wow!
Now I think I will make some more clothes for me and my daughters, and some patchwork.
If I win your giveaway, I will choose the pink bundle, because a mother of 2 daughters can never have too much pink fabric!
Love from France,


so sweet of you!
i would love to win #1, #2, or #4 but would take #3 hehe!!
such lovely dots
happy 40th!
i would incorporate these into a polka dot quilt that i am saving for

These are SO lovely!! What a generous giveaway! I am currently working on some doll quilts. I have been binding them all weekend!

I would love to win the green bundle, but any one would be wonderful!


happy happy day to you!
i have been sewing napkins, tablecloths and lunch bags. pretty boring, but it saves my family so much money. i love that.
i am smitten with all the colors but especially so with the green bundle. so nice.

I've nearly finished my first patchwork project - a set of placemats and then I'll be on to my first quilt - a baby quilt using Momo Wonderland charm packs for my little girl. I love all the polka dots but would have to choose the blues - I don't own nearly enough 'boy' fabric for my toddler.

I wish you a HAPPY; HAPPY birthday Sardana!!!!! What a lovely bundles for your giveaway, you're so generous :D.
I've just finished a purse for a friend of mine and lining is red polka dots!!!
I love to sew bags, purses, quilts (two months ago finised two quilts for my mom and my mother-in-law)
Difficult to choose one bundle all are fantastic maybe lilac (I wrote down all th colors but finally I've decided this one)
Warm regards,


Happy Birthday and congrats! I just finished a "goth" inspired bag for a relative (she's 16). I like to work on bags and quilts and am usually hopping from one to the other on any given day. I love all of these, but I think I'd choose the green since my green stash is woefully lacking.

Happy Birthday! Congratulations! I'm currently working on tin quilts for my daughters!

I hope you don't mind but I posted your giveaway on the Fat Quarterly Community News page.

Happy Birthday and congrats on your other achievements!
I just finished an embroidery project that took FOREVER. I have also finally finished jointing a doll for a friend - now I need to finish his clothes.
Great fabric bundles! I would love the lilac or green colorways.


Happy Birthday! My new sewing love is children's clothing. I just finished a peasant style top for a friend's baby. I love the lilac set the most! So pretty, all of those fabrics....

My latest project was a mobile for a baby girl. It's a pink cloud, with yellow cheeks and yellow raindrops. :)

happy birthday and thanks for the chance. (i like the blue fabrics)

eli. x


Wow! Beautiful fabrics! I'm working on finishing up my pinwheel quilt. I feel like I have lots of crafty deadlines looming!

Happy birthday. I like all of these, but the lilac is my favorite :)

Happy Birthday! These prints are gorgeous! I love dots :)

I am currently working on a zig-zag quilt using vintage prints from my stash.

I'd love to win the pink bundle, I really love pink! :D

Happy Birthday Sardana and congratulations on all your achievements! I love to follow all your endeavours and love you fabric and design choices.

I love the pink bundle, the shades are lovely with second choice green or blue.. they are both great. my favourite colour is blue but the green shades look fantastic so maybe second choice green, then blue, purple last. i am not so into purple, althoug having said that, I just got a lot of purple echino... Just love it all!

Thanks for the lovely giveaway and much success with your business.

Hi Sardana
You have all the motivs to celebrat...
I Hope that life will always make you celebrat...
The project that i have in hands is a big farm in fabric for the room of my sun... I can´t wait to finisher, but it´s soo big that i don´t know when i willl finished...hehehe
I love the pink frabrics...
Soo, Happy Birthday...
And continue too Smile...
Kisses with love
Ângela Plácido - Caracol Colorido

These bundles are so pretty :-)If I had to choose I would go for the blue one on the left corner.
My last sewing project was to use some pink scaps: I made a wonky patchwork block to cover a small canvas and now it's hanging on the wall of my study. I love to sew anything that is new as after five or 6 repeated projects I get a bit fed up...
Happy celebration!!!

I'm currently working on several orders for customers, but for myself I'm doing a sew-along of a Weekender bag by Sew Spoiled. I love sewing bags b/c they're useful afterwards, but I did just start quilting, so I've been loving that, too.
They're all so pretty, I don't know which one I'd choose!

Happy Birthday!
Didn´t know you had a blog! Glad to find it...and i´ll be "watching" you on your Etsy also :))
I would LOVE to win the blue one..
I´m currently sewing some dolls...but I LOVE to sew everything from Tilda :))

What a great present! We love to celebrate with you! :)
At the moment I am working on things for the baby nursery from our girl who is going to arrive in about 2 months. I'm having a blast with it!
What do I love to sew?
I don't have a prefered thing. I love to diferenciate and change a lot so that I'm always facing new challenges. I love to try something new.
Ah, I would love to win #2, the pink one. These fabrics would fit perfectly our babys's room.
Greetings from Germany,

Those are stunning fabrics - I love the lilacs best of all.

I have several different hobbies including knitting and scrapping booking. Having been kept busy with projects from other hobbies I hope to get back to some sewing. I hand sew just about everything (except clothing seams) so I prefer small projects.
I am planning to make a table runner or cushion cover for my parents bedroom (the only cat-hair free zone in their house!)

Clearly I'm not as talented or as motivated as all these ladies! But I do love to sew, lots of different things! Love making little girl clothes, but I don't have any girls! I love all the colors, so any of these would make me a very Happy Lady!
Thanks so much, loved your blog, came from amylouwho's sew&tell.

Happy birthday and congrats on 100th post and 1st fabric order and VAT (not sure what that is but congrats anyway!)!! I recently finished a quilt for myself, I love it very much! I like to quilt and make simple home decor projects, but I'd really like to start sewing some clothes. Thanks for the giveaway, I'd love the pink or the blue bundles!!

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